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The aim of the FREE project is to contribute to the cultivation of the criminal justice personnel professional ethos on fundamental rights, by providing an integrated theoretical and good practice instrument for their professional training, which may be adopted by universities, professional schools and academies at both national and European level.

The main objectives of the project are:

  • to research and identify, on a national and a comparative perspective, the various institutional and extra-legal principles, attitudes and problems which are present at the various training and educational systems of the criminal justice agencies’ personnel, which capture the transmission of democratic social values and representations and the cultural integration of that personnel in the fundamental human rights issues.
  • to elaborate on and propose a set of standards for the criminal justice systems agencies personnel professional education and training in the EU member states. The rationale and guideline ideas of these standards should be the cultivation of a human and fundamental rights culture for the personnel of legal agents and law enforcers according to the Rome Convention (1950), the art 6 of the Treaty of the European Union and the Hague Programme Principles.


 The FREE project is funded by the European Commission Program 
“Fundamental Rights and Citizenship” – DG Justice, Freedom and Security