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Workstream 1


Workstream 1 aims at the description and identification, on a national and on a comparative perspective, of the various institutional principles and problems which are present in the training and educational systems of criminal justice agencies’ personnel in relation to the cultivation of fundamental rights ethos and their actual recognition.

Two (2) types of documentation will be collected: 

(1)    the first type is related to EU directives, policies and legislation on target group’s education and training, in general, and according to the Art 6 of the Treaty of EU (Fundamental Rights) as well as to the police, courts, prison and probation personnel main educational and training systems of the participating countries. 

(2)    the second type is related to the various NGOs reports, Court Decisions, National and European institutions’ reports which describe criminal justice personnel education and professional training deficiencies and problems connected to infringements on fundamental human rights during the exercise of their authority. 

Both types of documentation will aid the elaboration of national reports focusing on the structure and the context of the criminal justice personnel study programmes.
Workstream 1 also involves a comparative analysis on the context of the criminal justice personnel study programmes.



 The FREE project is funded by the European Commission Program 
“Fundamental Rights and Citizenship” – DG Justice, Freedom and Security